Spring at Loon Lake

We have had an interesting time of it. Earlier this week we had about 8 inches of snow fall. Yuck.we did not plow our road; just powered through the mess. It did drive us back indoors, and made walking the dogs less pleasant. Most of it disappeared by Friday.

Several docks are already in. At least one fishing boat is in, but they have not had muck luck, yet. Too cold. No fish moving up the North Branch of the Saranac.

Saturday was a nice day. Warm in the Sun, cooler when it ducked behind a cloud. Paula was able to continue her ambitious project of staining the outside of the camp, and paining the trim. I went over and climbed the Bump with Porter. I need to go back and cut out a large blowdown, near the beginning of the trail. Will also cleanup the tree trimmings left by the National Grid clearing crew.

There is a bit more activity around the lake. I ran into two old friends for nice chats. I thought afterwards that they were two of the first folks I met out here, even before we bought the land for the camp.

It was from one of these old friends that I learned Al Engel died in February, just shy of his 95th birthday.

We are gearing up for several major projects at camp. The garage is filling with supplies and materials being delivered from Ray Brook, Saranac Lake and Plattsburgh. The snow this week hampered the deliveries a bit, but we managed to get everything secure.

It will soon be time to start my Trillium watch. Painted, white and red. The red is the most uncommon, but is prevalent around the lake. Looking to see my first Wood Duck. The calling of the Loons and the honking of the Canada Geese accompanies me as I walk with the dogs around the lake. Enjoying the prolonged early Spring we have been experiencing at Loon Lake.

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