Ice Out – Molasses Bay

The one morning I try to sleep in, a pair of very vocal Mallards announced the fact that ice went out on our bay on Loon Lake last night. It had been warm enough to sleep with a window open, and the quacking set off my duck hunting dog, which set off the other dogs as well.

There is a small patch of ice down near Stratton’s, but that’s it on the bay. Still ice on the southern portions of the two main basins. Should be full out shortly. It has been quite something to see the ice retreat in the last couple of days with 70 degree weather.

I recall one April school vacation week in 2001 or 2002 watching the ice go out. It was actually hotter and windier that the conditions were are experiencing this year. Ice out was more violent, with huge chunks of ice breaking off and moving round the lake. I watched one such berg take out a permanent dock as it it were made of toothpicks.

Another gorgeous day today.

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