Opening Day – Fishing Season

For the past 5 or 6 years, I have been going fishing on opening day. The weather is always iffy, and I never have any luck.

Until today.

The weather was definitely iffy— rain and spitting snow. I headed out to a trout stream that has ample stretches of NYSDEC fishing access. I wore my heaviest duck hunting waders— for warmth, and protection from the rain and snow.

I usually hit four spots along this stream. The first spot was open, but I kept driving. The next two had trucks, so I went on to the fourth. This is the spot where I like to end up around lunch time. I normally bring a sub along, and eat it at this fourth spot, right below a nice waterfall.

I started casting at the base of the waterfall. My third cast I hooked a fish and landed it. A nice Brown Trout. Over the next hour, I caught two more, as I fished this stretch of the creek.

Three Brown Trout on opening day. I did not even notice I was soaked through, given the rain and snow.

I did get a picture of one. I catch and release, so I like to get them back into the water as quickly as I can. So, only the one photo. They were all about the same size, so I surmise they were stocked by NYSDEC.

I’ll be back this weekend to see if I can catch them again.


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