The Season of Melt

We had a good stretch of weather this week, although it is raining right now. Yesterday was the warmest day of the year yet at Loon Lake, up to 65. It was windy, but the wind felt warm for a change. Pulled out the grill, made some burgers and sat on the porch, watching the snow melt. A perfect day.

It is the season of melt. There is still snow in the woods, and snowbanks along the road. It is soft enough to make walking difficult. The dogs sink down, when they venture of the road. The roads are quite soft as well. Loon Lake is still frozen, although lower Grasse Pond is running free. Not my favorite time of year here, anticipating ice-out on the lake.

Willard Race has expanded his maple sugaring operation over on Mensink Road. He has perfect weather for it. You can buy his product at the sugar shack in Keene Valley.

I was trying to think of a good outdoor activity for this time of year, with limited mobility until the snow melts. So we now have axe throwing at camp.

Heading to Plattsburgh today for my second Covid vaccine shot.

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