Quiet and Cold at Loon Lake

Paula and I are enjoying a weekend free of family and guests. Very quiet, relaxed, slow pace.

It is sunny but cold, with no wind to speak of. A great late Winter weekend. The local snowmobilers are making noises that this might be the last “good” weekend for sledding. For sure, they have been out in force all week and into this weekend. Trails were groomed around the lake late in the week and are in great shape.

Grouse season has closed, but there are a few small game seasons still open. A group of rabbit hunters and their beagles are active in the area, to the west of Inman.

Conditions are great for skiing. The thaw and freeze we had last weekend created a crust that can support snowshoes, until it doesn’t, and you sink 4 feet. Like every thirtieth step. Still worth it— the woods are glorious. We got a little snow this week, providing some traction on our otherwise icy road.

We made pizza outside yesterday. It was about 10 degrees. The Sun felt warm whenever it peaked through. Actually quite pleasant. And a lot quicker when we are cooking for just the two of us.

Starting a lot of indoor projects, to get us through the Season of Melt. Our biggest project however is Grandkid #9, due in about a month. I will have had my second vaccine shot before the end of March— just in time to help out with the new arrival (which means pouring Cheerios for a five and three year old).

It is Sunday morning, and it is shaping up to be a great, lazy day. Don’t know what I am not going to do first. But I think another pot of coffee is called for.

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