Outstanding Winter Conditions at Loon Lake

What a great winter we are having. It will be warmish today— low 30’s with some chance of sun. We have over four feet of snow in the woods, getting a fresh 3 inches over the past week. If you leave the hard pack, you end up swimming in snow jello.

Lots of snowmobile activity this week. The trails have been groomed and are in excellent shape. It is warm enough that the snow on Rt 26 has melted. The afternoon sun has been heating things up. Sledding on the road is a bit spotty, making it harder to get to the trails. Not a lot of sled activity on the lake— I think the snow is too deep on the ice for my older sleds.

This should also be a great weekend for ice fishing. Near perfect conditions.

Our road on Horsehead Point is in great shape, unfortunately. We pay a lot to keep it clear and They do a great job. We have a couple of grandkids here for the weekend, so I found myself out with the snowblower, blowing snow back onto the the road on the hill next to our house— to improve the tobogganing. Pretty ironic.

This is the last weekend of grouse season. I flew one on Friday as I reached the end of my snowshoe track. Will probably extend the track a bit more this weekend. It is hard to dress properly this time of year. It is all about managing body temperature, and, for me, dealing with sweat. I dress very light, which means I have to keep moving. If I stop, I freeze.

Will need to clean up and store the hunting gear for another season. And then pull out the fishing gear and get ready for opening day on April 1st.

Will make pizza for the family later. It’s nice to have them here, as they help with the running. Will also put my son to work replenishing the firewood.


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