Moose at Loon Lake

I have been spending a lot of time in the woods on the conservation easement lands surrounding Loon Lake Mountain. As I have said in other posts, there are lots of signs of Moose in the vicinity.

I pretty much take the same circuit through the woods when I am grouse hunting, especially when there is deep snow, and I am on snowshoes. I have a pretty well-established packed track that makes for easier walking.

Yesterday, as I walked the track, it was evident that a Moose had also recently used it, The Moose had meandered a bit from side to side, nibbling on the bushes. It was pretty neat to see and follow.

My wife Paula asked to go snowshoeing today. So I left the gun and home and suggested we follow the track I had established. She said fine, but she did not want to run into a Moose. I told her not to worry, as, although I see signs of Moose activity, I have not seen a Moose while I have been out hunting.

Until today.

As we started out through the woods, I pointed out the rabbit tracks, Moose post-holes, turkey and grouse tracks. All were there yesterday, as well. I then came across fresh Moose tracks. I pointed out some Moose poop I had seen yesterday, next to an area where it looked like the Moose had bedded down. As we kept walking, I saw another pile of Moose poop. I did not point it out to Paula, as it was fresh. Fresh as in steaming.

We crested a small rise overlooking a clearing and there he was— a magnificent Bull Moose. What an awesome sight. Paula saw him just after I did. He must of heard us, because he moved quickly out of the clearing.

But not as quickly as Paula was moving, heading out of the woods and back to our vehicle.

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