I got up this morning and checked the temperature. Weather Undergound said it was minus 3. I thought that was not too bad. Then I realized I was looking at the weather in Albany. Our weather station at Loon Lake showed a temperature of minus 11 with a windchill of minus 32. That is too cold, for me for any outside activities.

Definitely not going out in the woods today. Went out yesterday and did a nice snowshoe. There is a good foot of snow back in the woods. Most of the wildlife seems to be hunkered down, waiting out this cold spell.

The utility line tree clearing exercise is still underway. They are focused on lateral lines, and lines along the backside of lots, using a small 4×4 for access. Cold work, but easier to access with frozen ground and snow cover.

Not a lot of sled activity the last couple of days. Only two trailers down on Thatcherville road. Only heard one group go by yesterday; none today.

The cold is doing a number on heating and water systems out here. Hyde Fuel and Snickles Plumbing trucks are a common sight.

No ice fisherman recently, given the cold. I did notice a shanty set up on Bass Pond— that’s a first, for me. The only person I have seen fish on the pond, was me. And not in Winter.

The bitter cold will stay around, at least through Saturday. I may get in the woods tomorrow and still plan on firing up the wood-fired pizza oven. That should keep me warm.

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