MLK Jr. Weekend at Loon Lake

It’s Saturday, and snowing hard. The snow started early, very granular. It has changed to big white fluffy flakes. The temperature is hovering around freezing— actually quite warm. we expect to get up to eight inches by the time the storm ends on Sunday.

The Town of Franklin was out plowing. They cleared the hill up to the Hamlet of Loon Lake; and that’s it. And that’s fantastic! I fired up one of the sleds and took it for a spin. The trails are rough— limited snow cover, and they have not been groomed yet this week. Running on the roads is much more pleasant. My sled is old and small; the only suspension I have is my knee when I kneel on the seat. There is about 4 inches of snow on the unplowed roads— just perfect for my old sled.

There are a couple of ice fisherman out on the lake, off Washbourne Bay. Today is much warmer than the last couple of weekends— like 20 degrees warmer. I bet the fishermen appreciate that;I did when running the sled earlier.

I probably won’t get out in the woods after grouse the rest of the weekend, given the weather. I did head out yesterday, before the snow hit. Lots of signs of wildlife yesterday; looking forward to following new tracks in this new snow.

I was surprised at the number of cars at the Loon Lake Mountain trailhead Friday. I counted 8; they were overflowing onto Rt. 26. It was a perfect day for a Winter climb.

One other benefit from this weather— Franklin the Snowman is back, in Vermontville.

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