This week

The Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate, winning two special elections in Georgia.

Joe Biden’s electoral college victory was certified by Congress.

Over 15 thousand Americans died from coronavirus., this week.

At the explicit urging of President Trump, terrorists stormed the Capitol. This constitutes an act of sedition which is a Felony.

One Capitol Police Officer was killed, making each terrorist storming the Capitol guilty of Felony Murder.

The Capitol Police seemed to give token opposition to the protestors outside the Capitol, giving way and allowing them to enter the building. One took a selfie with the terrorists, inside the Capitol.

Inside the Capitol, the Police were overwhelmed and physically assaulted by the terrorists. Their urgent call for support from the National Guard was denied by Trump.

The treatment of the terrorists stands in stark contrast to how Black Lives Matter peaceful protesters were treated across the Nation earlier this year.

I am a staunch support of the rule of law which includes the right to peaceful protest.

President Trump actively incited an insurrection against the United States. He should resign immediately, be removed under the 25th Amendment, or be impeached. He is not fit to lead; I remain in fear for our country as long as he stays in office.

Trump continues his unacceptable behavior; noting that he will not attend the inauguration of President Biden on January 20th. His social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been permanently shut down.

The country is in crisis, because of Trump and the Coronavirus.

What we face now is significantly worse what we faced following 9/11. There is absolutely no sense of unity in America.

Unfortunately, there will be no healing until Trump is gone, at the earliest.

God help us survive the next 11 days.

3 thoughts on “This week

  1. I have to say I have taken our democracy for granted. I have waited, somewhat impatiently, for 4 years to engage in my only recourse which is my right to cast a vote. Then lies tried to take away the American voice that we had had enough of “the Donald”. What is really sad is I see no way out of this dysfunction. Yes the democrats have control of 2 branches of government (presidency and legislature) for now, but guys like Cruz and Hawley who enabled trump stand in the wings waiting for an opportunity to do the same. It is a sad state of affairs. Our enemies are gloating and our allies are in fear. American democracy stands at its lowest point since the civil war..

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  2. Terrifying & heartbreaking to watch people who woke up Wednesday morning as Americans—misguided & deluded—cross the line into insurrectionists. Storming the Capitol building of the United States with Trump flags hoisted and the expressed intent to attack elected US officials & thwart our democratic process is sedition in action. Why are these terrorists not being charged as traitors? They’ve tasted blood & they like it. They will be back.


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