New Year’s Weekend at Loon Lake

Summed up, in one word: Perfection.

Friday, New Year’s Day, started lazy. Did some chores, ran the dogs. Porter and I headed out for Grouse. We had a base of about three inches of snow on the ground. We got pushed into a new area for me, as a young guy was rabbit hunting where I had intended to hunt. Nice fella. We chatted briefly about our dogs before I moved on.

The spot I hunted Friday had been logged about 4 years ago. It. Was easy walking along the logging traces. No worries about getting lost, as I had a map and compass, and gps with me. And I could just turn around and follow my footprints out.

As we got deeper into the woods, I saw signs of deer, coyote, rabbit and turkey. And then, Moose, in the form of scrapes and the signature post hole foot prints. I reached my turnaround point, stopped, and flew a grouse as I reached for my water bottle. I could have thrown the bottle and nailed the grouse, as it literally flew up from my feet. I decided to explore that area a bit, as several logging traces ran out from the small clearing where I stood.

I have never flown so many grouse. We were pretty deep in the woods, in a protected bowl. It seems grouse and moose coexist nicely,

Friday afternoon looked to be somewhat sunny and clear, so we opted to make pizza in the outdoor wood-fired oven. Which is just a good excuse to drink dark beer and smoke a cigar. The pizza was perfection. It was a great day, and it started to snow when I went to bed.

It was still snowing when I took the dogs out Saturday morning. We had about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow at camp. I cleared the area around the camp, and fired up the snowmobile for the first time this season. I used it to make paths for walking the dogs and then headed out. The Town had already plowed one lane Route 26 and Mensink Road. The snow was deep enough that I hesitated taking the sled up on the power line trail. I opted to stay on Rt 26,which had not been plowed past Inman. There were times the sled got bogged down, but it was a beautiful run, down a tunnel of snow covered trees.

Saturday afternoon we had the fireplace roaring as we planned out our projects to carry us through the Winter.

Sunday morning has been quiet. No more snow. Our road has been plowed out, which makes walking the dogs enjoyable, and not an ordeal. I have started putting a neoprene vest on 13 year old Carson, to keep him warm. He seems to like it. Off to start the chores— reloading all the wood boxes and cleaning the fireplace and pizza oven.

No complaints here. Enjoy the day.

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