Thanksgiving Weekend at Loon Lake

What a strange holiday. We saw each of our kids and their families, separately, before heading back to the lake on Friday. Immediately headed out grouse hunting, after getting the non-hunting dogs exercised and settled. Beautiful day in the woods.

Sat by the fire Friday night, reading “Power Line” by Christopher Shaw. I won’t give much away, but Loon Lake is featured in the book. The setting is when Paul Smith developed the hydro plants at Franklin Falls and Union Falls. The railroads were both running, and TB was being treated in Saranac Lake. I am only a quarter of the way through and am enjoying the book immensely.

In the woods Saturday. Probably my last duck hunt out on Mud Pond, as I had to break through ice along the shore. Don’t want to send the dog out through that. We went on a late morning grouse hunt, but aborted that when we were visited by an unexpected snow shower.

Paula is in Christmas cookie baking mode, and will be hard at work through the next two weeks on this project. I get to eat the rejects. She also is making the traditional post-Thanksgiving turkey soup. The camp smells fantastic.

This next week may be the last of the late Fall weather. I plan on making the most of the woods before we get any significant snow cover. I head that Whiteface delayed their opening until next weekend. For me, this is a great time to be at camp.

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