I voted…. heading to the woods.

Actually, I voted weeks ago, by absentee ballot. My plan this week is to turn off all social media on Tuesday, and stop reading newspapers this weekend. I am heading into the woods to weather the election results storm in relative peace. I will go sit in a duck blind.

Duck hunting is a lot like fishing. It requires both optimism and patience. I have trouble with the patience part. Part of my mantra is “ don’t pick up the decoys too early.” There is nothing like the feeling you get as you are standing in the middle of your spread, watching four ducks barreling down the pond/river right at you, veering away as they see you, standing there, looking up at them.

So I would say duck hunting requires, optimism, patience and humility. It is a great feeling, being immersed in nature, watching the dawn unfold around you. Gives you a great perspective. Which is what I need right now. As well as optimism, patience and humility.

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