What a day at the lake

Too bad I had to work…. it was 65 and sunny. All the leaves are down, and it smelled like Fall.

I did go out duck hunting, early this morning. On a whim last week, I got in touch with the owner of some posted land on the North Branch of the Saranac, and asked permission to hunt on his land. He said no— turns out, he is a duck hunter, too. We talked quite a while; he knows all the spots I usually hunt. Earlier this week, he called me back, and told me to go ahead and hunt his land, as he was not going to get up here for a few weeks. I set up this morning, and enjoyed a spectacular sunrise up over the River.

Tomorrow won’t be as nice. Rain in the morning, and getting progressively colder. No snow yet, though. We have some trees down from the two windstorms over the past couple of weeks- I need to take the saw to them.

It is pretty quiet around here. Last weekend was the opening of big game rifle season, yet I did not see a lot of activity in the woods. This weekend may be different, now that the leaves are down.

The grouse seem plentiful, this year. There is one across the road from our house. Three up near the garbage cans at the head of our road. I see them when I am duck hunting. The only time I don’t see them— when I go grouse hunting.

After work, I grabbed a beer and sat down on the platform next to the lake. It was very quiet— and beautiful. Wonder how many more times I’ll be able to do that, this season.

We seem generally ready for Winter. The house is buttoned up nicely, and I put new snow tires on the Truck this week. This time before Winter sets in is special. The woods are wide open and you can really see the contour of the land. the lake is not yet frozen, and there are many migratory birds passing through.

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