Columbus Day Weekend at Loon Lake

There is so much going on, that I forgot it was a Holiday weekend, until I ran into a Giroux family member on a John Deere Gator. They have a mini reunion at the Wild Goose Club, every Columbus Day Weekend. They have the John Deere Dealership up in Plattsburgh. Been using them for years— very nice folks.

We had very high winds here this past Wednesday. Lots of trees down on the back roads. Surprisingly, we did not lose power at the lake. We did down in Albany— it was out Wednesday night until late Friday night. Major storm damage.

I have been going out Duck Hunting each morning. I found an interesting spot on the North Branch of the Saranac River, down from Mud Pond. The River narrows, and the remains of an old timber rock crib dam can be seen, just under the surface. There is a shallow pool above the dam remains, and a deep pool below. I need to throw a line in that pool. Friday morning the air temperature was below 30. This morning, it was 60. Hard to figure out how to dress.

I have also discovered the best way to see ruffed grouse is to go duck hunting. I have seen several, early morning, as I finish up the duck hunt. We also disturbed a beaver this morning, as I put out the decoys. It was not pleased with my presence in the pool, as several tail slaps so informed us.

The woods are crowded this Fall. Hikers, fishermen, hunters, paddlers, bikers, etc. The trailhead parking at Loon Lake and Silver Lake Mountain is overflowing. I cannot recall any other early duck season where I have run into so many other hunters. Typically, I see others on just opening day. This year, have seen hunters every day I have gone out.

Lots of camps at the lake are occupied. Not a lot of activity out on the water. Lots of construction projects rushing to get buttoned up before the weather turns. Interestingly, most of the camps out on my Point are occupied year round.

We have guests this weekend— but the best kind. The kind that can amuse themselves and have planned out their own activities, leaving me to hunt and play with the dogs, in peace. We will gather to make pizza a bit later today.

The leaves are past peak, and falling. Still, the muted colors are beautiful on the hills around the lake, especially at dawn, when the sunlight first hits them.

What a beautiful time of year.

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