It’s Fall at Loon Lake

It is shaping up to be a great Fall weekend here at the lake. The foliage on the surrounding bumps, hills and mountains has more than half turned, and the colors are brilliant. It seems early to hit peak foliage color, but we had a stretch of close to freezing nights over the last two weeks. It has warmed up a bit this week and looks to be sunny and in the 70s over the weekend.

This may be the last weekend I swim my dogs (not counting Porter retrieving ducks). My son is here so we will probably do some fishing (which has been good). I may take advantage of his presence and pull the dock and Whaler. The Jon boat stays in through November.

Working from the lake has its advantages. I’ve gone out grouse hunting for an hour during lunch. Porter and I have had the woods to ourselves. We have heard and seen grouse, but not taken a shot. It’s hard, with the leaves still on the trees. Birds tend to run, not fly, and they are easily camouflaged by the ground cover. If they fly, the leave mask them, making a shot difficult.

One of my son’s friends from High School is coming today. His last visit, while in college some 15 years ago, involved two speeding tickets and imbedding his car in a snow bank at the top of our road. Both involved a lot of work by me. Both tickets dismissed, and winched his car free. I spoke to him last night and asked that we not have a repeat occurrence on either count. Our paths have crossed over the years, coincidentally— at a store in Watertown, and as I was walking across the street in Lowville, while working on a wind farm.

Someone has done a really nice job of clearing the trails in the woods on the Southeast side of the southern basin of the Lake (off Blue Spruce). The Jeep trail has been brushed out, and some of the spur trails off it have been marked. I have not been back in that area except in Winter (on snowshoes) in a number of years. I did not realize there is a connector trail that crosses over the outlet of the lake to the old railroad right of way on the other side. I wanted to visit this area again, as my fear is Loon Gulf may log it at some point. It’s the last remaining untouched parcel that they own. Hopefully they see value in keeping it as is.

Verizon has been doing work in the area. Weird things are happening on some phone lines. Static in wet weather; dropped calls. In some cases, inadvertent party lines are connected. Someone on Horsehead Point picked up their phone to make a call, and found someone on Bass Pond already on the line. Very puzzling, as I thought our service on the Point came from a cable laid across the bed of the Lake from over on Mensink Road.

National Grid also has contract crews in the vicinity doing routine tree clearing around its lines.

Enjoy this beautiful weather—. We have had snow on Columbus Day weekend……

2 thoughts on “It’s Fall at Loon Lake

  1. Hey, while Verizon is out here you think they might put in some fiber optic cables so we can get Fios high speed internet? It must be tough working from home with Hughesnet. But in all seriousness, Elon Musk’s SpaceX high speed satellite internet is supposedly coming. They were advertising starting up beta testing in the northern US this summer, but apparently are running behind. Supposed to be fast enough for gaming! We have a 5 second delay on zoom meetings, would be nice to join the 21st century technology up here.


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