There is frost on the Windshield

Cold and crystal clear, this morning. 33 degrees. The early morning sky is absolutely filled with stars. This past week, we have seen a noticeable change in leaf color on the hills surrounding Loon Lake. Reds are beginning to show.

Big game hunting season is approaching. Lots of activity at the hunting camps in the area as hunters prepare for the season. For me, grouse season opens tomorrow. I will go out and walk the woods. I am sure to flush some birds, but will probably not get a shot, given the heavy foliage still on the trees. Will probably rebuild my duck blinds, in anticipation of the season opening the first weekend in October.

Fishing remains quite good on the lake, using minnows, worms, rubber worms, and the trusty Rapala Countdown lure.

Went to Banker Orchards yesterday. Picked up some apples for another project— our traditional Fall apple pie.

While up in Plattsburgh, we returned to the Valcour Brewing Company, now that the Naked Turtle is closed for the season. the brew pub is located in the old stone barracks on the former air base. Very nice reuse of this structure. Both the food and the beer were both excellent. Highly recommend this spot.

I think this will be the weekend we make the transition from Lager to Porter.

We went up Silver Lake Mountain yesterday. A beautiful hike, with very few people. The view is outstanding. Note that the woods are very dry and water levels are quite low throughout the Northern Adirondacks.

I have a feeling we will be lighting the first fire of the season in the fireplace this weekend.

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