Fishing on Loon Lake

The fishing Labor Day Weekend has been great. My sons have had their kids out on my Whaler, mostly fishing with worms. Getting some good size Smallmouth as well as Yellow Perch.

I decided to go out for a bit, solo, this morning before everyone got up.

I have fished the lake a lot and have some favorite spots. I think I even have some particular favorite fish to catch. I strictly adhere to my own three Loon Lake rules: 1. I release what I catch; 2. I measure the fish using the Loon Lake scale on the Jon Boat; 3. I stop fishing when I have caught two good size fish.

My typical fishing trip is about 20 minutes long. Pretty spoiled, being right here on this beautiful lake. If I decide to fish, it takes me about 5 minutes to be on the boat and on my way.

I caught two quickly this morning. I won’t tell you where, but the lake was only about 50 feet wide.

I had bragging rights for about 15 minutes, ‘til I saw the fish my Granddaughter caught.

The fish I caught

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