All Quiet at the Lake

The last of the family visitors departed Monday, after the holiday weekend. The camp, and the lake, have returned to a level of serenity I cherish. Even at its busiest (Fourth of July) the lake is pretty quiet. A couple of boats, lots of kayaks, kids swimming, some music, and spectacular fireworks (I think, the best in the region).

Monday, I heard two boats, saw two kayaks, and one canoe. It was not humid, clear blue sky and we had a slight breeze to keep the bugs moving.

When we lost power a few weeks ago, my generator failed. I was not happy. But, if it is going to fail, I rather it be now than when it’s 10 below, we have 3 feet of snow, and the wind is howling. Monday the stellar folks from Woodhill Electric (four of whom live out here) got me back up and running (Generac supplied the parts for free, and paid the labor). So I was probably the only one happy out here when we lost power at 5 PM yesterday for a couple of hours. A nice test of the back up system.

We went into Plattsburgh yesterday, running errands and went to the Naked Turtle for lunch. Everyone was wearing masks, and the tables were spread out. Our first meal out since early March. The burger was great. Lake Champlain was filled with whitecaps. Unfortunately, the majority of big sailboats are still in storage, on land. Their owners are from Canada, and the border is closed. The clanging of pulleys against masts made for an interesting chorus during lunch.

We had quite the rainstorm last night. Today is supposed to be hot. Will probably spend the day out on the water.

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