Midge Bugnado

Another fine weekend at the Lake. The threatened thunderstorms never materialized, although we did here thunder way off in the distance. We had out ten year old grand daughter up this weekend, I think she is part amphibian, as She spent most of the time in the lake (now 74 degrees).

We have had an unusual (at least, new to me) experience the last couple of nights. I was sitting on the screened-in porch at dusk. Above the tree line I saw what looked like a tall, thin cyclone cloud- a mini tornado. It was quite distinct, and hung up in the air, twisting and turning. Turns out, it was thousands of midges— a small bug, that looks like a mosquito (but does not bite). I am wondering if this is occurring in part because out bat population has been decimated.

Wildlife is on the move. Came across a huge snapping turtle, laying her eggs on a sandy roadway. Be careful driving. Also, while paddling, I came across a chipmunk, slowly swimming across the center of the lake. I did chastise it for not having an orange swim buoy— but it ignored me and kept doing it chipmunk-paddle, slowly making progress towards the opposite shore.

Late Thursday afternoon, I was on yet another conference call when I received an email from Sarah Slusser, the CEO of my company— Cypress Creek Renewables. She was announcing that our company would observe Juneteenth as a paid holiday. Over the past several weeks, I have been engaged in a dialogue with her about Black Lives Matter. I have a family unique perspective, having been involved in several police brutality lawsuits as a young attorney, and now having a Son who is a police officer. It is great to work for a progressive company that has taken a strong stance on social responsibility and justice.

I wonder if our Canadian neighbors here on the lake have had any issue crossing the border?

It’s early Sunday— heading out, now, up Crusher, and then paddling the lake. We have a socially distanced cookout planned later today for Father’s Day.


One thought on “Midge Bugnado

  1. Hi Keith we paddled this morning and saw a coyote drinking along the lake … on the western end of the lake south side . Hapoy Father’s Day! g


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