Excellent June Weekend at Loon Lake

Why excellent? Many reasons. Very few bugs, being one.

The weather has been all over. Thursday was in the 80’s. We started Sunday in the high 40’s— it has gotten progressively cooler over the last four days. For the most part it has been breezy, which has kept the bugs at bay. I think we are past black flies and are into mosquitos. Deer flies await us, a bit later in the season. We have had sun, clouds and rain. Sometimes, all at once.

We have our oldest grand daughter up for the weekend. At 12, she is a pure joy. She and Paula spent Friday baking, kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding— while I worked. We ended the day with pizza. It is so nice having help running the pizza and walking the dogs.

Saturday, I took her looking for Rainbow Trout, but their spawning run has ended. We did see lots of Smallmouth Bass, sitting on their gravel beds. It was a beautiful day— windy, sunny, 70 degrees, with high puffy clouds. We went over and climbed Silver Lake Mountain. This is a hike I highly recommend. It’s less than thirty minutes drive time, and the hike can be done in about an hour, plus time looking at the view from the summit. We spent the afternoon on the water. The sky started to turn around 4 PM, and we were able to enjoy a thunderstorm from the screened in porch.

It’s Sunday, and I just got back from my ritual Sunday morning paddle around the lake. The Loons are back, and quite vocal. Had not seen or heard them for several days. Now it’s time for some chores.

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