Memorial Day Weekend at Loon Lake

So— could the weather be better? No!

What an incredible weekend. Yes, there are black files, but they are manageable. Sunny, warm, slight breeze. Just awesome.

Lots of activity at the lake. Many folks opening their camps. Many with guests. Most docks are in, as are many party barges, boats, canoes and kayaks. Water temp is about 58 degrees. Warming rapidly with the hot days we have been having.

We have our first family guests since March 15th. It is nice, but a bit overwhelming. I went on a long paddle with my oldest granddaughter, in our newly restored Kevlar canoe, with wooden gunwales. She did great, and the canoe handled very well. We saw and heard loons, and saw a bald eagle in the debris at the lake outlet dam.

We continued our tradition of making pizza on Saturday. I fired up the outdoor pizza oven. The grandkids helped make the pizza and ran them up and down the stairs, from the kitchen to the oven. We made twelve. I think that’s the record.

This morning, I paddled the lake, solo. I checked out the outlet to see if the eagle was there. No, but I found out why he was hanging out in the area— Rainbow Trout! They had swum up River from the North Brach of the Saranac, and had gathered just downstream of the dam. Easy pickings for a hungry Eagle. I went back to camp and grabbed a fishing rod with a trout lure. They were totally uninterested. I stopped casting, so as to not snag one. I left when I noticed the Eagle sitting up in a nearby tree, looking at me, rather annoyed.

I am attaching a video of the Trout (the splashing).

Not sure what the balance of the day entails, but we are having a ton of fun.

One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend at Loon Lake

  1. Sounds like you are having a great weekend! I’m glad to hear the canoe restoration project is completed. Before and after photos would make for a great blog post. . .
    The video of the trout swimming upstream is amazing. I’d seen Salmon swimming upstream like that, but hadn’t come across trout swimming in such groups before. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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