Typical late Spring Weekend at Loon Lake

If you don’t like the weather wait a second, it will change. We have been living that here at the lake, recently. This morning it is 34 degrees. Yesterday, it got up to sixty. It has been cool and breezy, cloudy, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, partly sunny, mostly sunny, warm, foggy, rainy all in the same day.

When the sun is out, the black flies are more prevalent. They don’t seem too hungry yet. They don’t bother me when I am moving. I did put some bug spray on while tending the outdoor pizza oven.

I debated putting the Whaler in this weekend, given the weather. I want it in the water for Memorial Day weekend. Early Saturday afternoon it warmed up and we splashed the boat. I actually prefer to fish from my littler Jon boat when I am by myself. I feel better with the Whaler when the kids visit.

Looks like next weekend. We will have a camp full of family. Quite a change— we haven’t had anyone up since March 14th. Our day to day routine at the lake has not changed given the Covid-19 pandemic. It feels a bit surreal.

Water temperature is hovering around 50 degrees. Still too cold to swim my aging dogs. And too cold for me to put in the swim float.

The Loons, Mallards, Megansers, and Owls are active and vocal. Loon Lake is peaceful, but not quiet. I am heading out shortly to check on the Fish Hole Pond Ospreys.

The Trillium are starting to bloom. On our evening walk up Crusher Mt., we first saw a handful of Red Trillium, and then several Painted. There were many Trillium plants getting ready to bloom. This should be a very pretty week coming up at the lake.

Nineteen years ago I planted about a thousand daffodils on the cleared hill below our camp. Now that the woods have reclaimed that area, we had exactly two daffodil blooms this year. I used to love that short burst of color in the spring.

We spent the last several evenings sitting on our screened in porch, overlooking the lake. This is my favorite room at camp, for half the year.

With all that’s happening in this country at the moment, I feel fortunate and privileged to live here at Loon Lake.

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