Well, it is the first weekend in May, and we all know what that means—Northern Pike season opens. Not that it matters much, to me, as I release everything I happen to catch.

Saturday was another beautiful day, so once I completed all the camp chores, Paula and I launched the Jon boat. On Friday, I had vacuumed out the leaves and pine needles, charged the battery, replaced the oil and put in fresh gas. The ten horse Honda outboard fired right up.

The lake is still quite cold, so I wore a life jacket. I cannot stress this enough. It is important to wear a life jacket, through at least the end of May. I actually always wear one when on a boat— as an example for the grandkids. Over the years on Loon Lake we have had two incidents of unintended swamping, both in the month of May. Life jackets are essential.

Saske and I set out to fish mid Morning. Saske is my fishing buddy. She loves being on the water with me. And, unlike my Goldens, feels no urge to retrieve the lures I am casting.

Saske. Note the life vest.

While we were out, we saw a fighter jet doing loops in the air, leaving a tangled knot of contrails behind. Quite awesome. Once again, I was so caught up in the moment, I did not take a picture. Zoom in on this, and you will see the contrails.

Fighter Jet Contrails over the lake

So fishing— no luck, but a beautiful day on the water. We saw an eagle, loons, geese, and one sunbather at a Mensink Road camp. There is a little more activity around the Lake. More camps are open. One party barge toured the lake early in the afternoon.

Once again we bookended the day with hikes up Crusher Mountain. The first, to see the sunrise, the second to work off the wood-fired pizza we made for dinner.

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