Wet feet at Loon Lake….and the Ospreys are back

It is interesting here at the lake. Paula commented yesterday that there is no difference in our lifestyle now, compared to before the pandemic pause in New York. We have been enjoying the commencement of Spring and the end of Winter.

I was doing some work down on the waterfront . I own two pair of waterproof boots, or so I thought. I was in the water when my left foot became soaked and very cold. The boot appeared to have a leak along a seam. I went up to camp and switched to my other pair of boots. I hadn’t been back in the water a minute when my right foot became soaked and cold. Another leak. So I ended up working in mismatched boots, and threw the leaky ones away. That explains why you will see me this year, wearing mismatched boots.

I put my solo fishing canoe in yesterday and paddled around the northern basin of the lake. No wind, and warm in the sun. I did hug the perimeter closely, as the water is quite cold, according to my feet. I did make a few casts in the narrows, to no avail. I have an appointment with a 17” Smallmouth in the narrows in a couple of weeks. I think I catch the same fish in the beginning of May, at the same spot, each year.

Not a lot of activity here at the Lake, but all camps on Point are occupied.

The Osprey nest out at Fish hole Pond was empty last week. I went by early this morning and the platform was occupied. The Ospreys are busy rebuilding their nest.

Over the last week I have seen loons, 4 types of duck, geese, Osprey, an eagle, blue jays, ruffed grouse, turkey, deer, chipmunks and squirrels. Lots of activity in the woods and on the lakes and ponds.

We have been up Crusher Mt. several times. No blowdown and the trail is distinct. Great views, especially of the remaining snow on Whiteface, and the sun reflecting off the mountains at dawn.

There still is residual snow banked along portions of Route 26. As soon as it has melted we will do our annual trash run from the Point to the Loon Lake Mountain trailhead.

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