Opening Day

I don’t recall exactly when I started going back out on the opening day of fishing season. It has been a couple of years. I have never had much luck, but always welcomed the opportunity to get the woods, next to a fast moving Creek.

I really felt that need this year. My excursions from the house are few these days. I look forward to the outings. At least with fishing, I could avoid contact with anyone else.

The last couple of years, I have seen, at most, one other car parked next the creek I fish. This year, ten cars. I fish along the Onesquethaw, in the Town of Bethlehem. I moved further upstream to one of my favorite spots.

Onesquethaw Creek

Last year, I caught a small trout at this spot on my first cast. I was more surprised that the fish was. I don’t usually have any luck on opening day.

This year, I resolved to fish until I had lost three lures on the same underwater log. I was on my third lure when I got a strike. Another small trout. Same spot. I released him, declared the day a success, and poured some coffee, enjoying the scenery.

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