Social Distance and Late Winter Conditions

We are hunkered down, just like everyone else. Today’s weather forecast is the best, out of the next week. Expecting a mix of snow and rain through next weekend.

One could characterize our normal lifestyle at the lake as a form of social distancing. There still are no confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Franklin County. We really have not changed our routine— except that the Tim Collins jazz concert in Saranac was cancelled—. I look forward to that show, in a unique jazz club (the fire department garage).

The insanity at the grocery store seems to have settled down. We do all our own cooking, and make most things from scratch— including bread and bagels. we are in good shape.

I normally work remotely from home, so my personal routine has not changed much. I had my last overnight work trip last Monday. Looking forward, all my meetings have been converted to phone conferences. Everyone in my company, Cypress Creek Renewables, is now working from home, through April 30th. I have converted my study into just a home office— I only use it for work.

We are in close touch with our kids. Do miss seeing them. Will probably see the families on a one by one basis, in early April.

The biggest change in routine for us—our gyms have closed. So we finally put in a home gym. we have a water rower, Pilates machine, some kettlebells, and the TRX straps are on their way. I have laid out a schedule of double workouts, each day— did so to avoid working out too much.

All my trap shooting opportunities have evaporated. The clubs are all run by volunteers, most of whom are retirees. Good thing to close— the prudent thing. I did run out to Vernon National Sporting Preserve on Saturday, to shoot Sporting Clays. You can do this solo, without contact. I did bring Clorox wipes for the controllers.

So my Saturday routine was pretty typical, a workout, homemade toast for breakfast, and then some shotgunning.

Not sure what today will bring.

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