Excellent Late Winter Weekend at Loon Lake

Yesterday was clear and sunny, but windy. Today is more overcast, but without the wind.

There is some ice fishing activity from the Burgess Camp. One of the fishermen thinks he can sing a mean Country and Western song. My dogs started howling. Just sayin’

Most of the backwoods hunting camps are empty. The guys from Vermont are up at the Loon Lake Fire Tower Observer’s cabin.

We went for some long hikes. We opted to walk on the snowmobile trails. They were hard packed and icy, but easily managed with stabilicers. The dogs were able to run freely. The snowpack in the woods is not really great for walking. Four other dogs (and one infant) were out being walked on Mensink as we headed back to camp this morning.

We discovered a maple sap gathering network on the hill above Mensink road. Willard Race of Bloomingdale purchased land along Mensink and has an elaborate network of blue plastic tubing blanketing the hill side overlooking the Lake and Mensink Road, gathering sap. The Maple Syrup will be made by Black Rooster Maple Syrup in Keene. I love to see sustainable use made of forest land. And look forward to getting some Maple Syrup made from sap harvested here at the Lake.

We have a couple grandkids visiting. Outside conditions aren’t the best for them, but we are making do. They helped make pizza yesterday, and my son made quick work of replenishing my firewood supply. Yet another batch of chocolate chip cookies are in the oven. They are outside now, gathering birch bark for me to use as tinder to start fires.

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