Meltage Season at the Lake

The weather today: ick. 38 degrees, rain, and wind gusts. Everything is melting. Welcome to the forecast for the next 2 – 6 weeks.

No better place to be as we in place good “social distancing” practices.

As the snow melts, it creates small streams on the roads. The water tends to freeze up overnight, making walking hazardous. It then melts again, the next day. We will get more snow. Just when I say I am done with Winter, we typically get a couple of inches of snow a day.

The roads are covered in sand— which also creates slippery conditions.

There is not enough snow in the woods to use snowshoes— but there is too much not to wear them. Every fifth step, I sink down, over my knee.

I would say snowmobile season is over, except for a few crazy diehards. There is no way to run our sleds over to the trails. Running on the lake does not look like a great option. There is water on the ice, and opens spots are beginning to appear around the edges, at inlets and outlets.

We have shifted our activities more indoors— Paula is working in her stained glass workshop, while I am cleaning and storing hunting gear, Winter sports gear, and pulling out the fishing gear for Spring.

I won’t let the dogs run at this time of the year— not until the ice is out. So I work with them one at a time, to get them some exercise. We also take all four for walks around the lake.

This is my least favorite time of year here, the Season of Melt before Spring. But I would still rather be at the Lake than anywhere else.

Tomorrow— sunny and warmer. Looking forward to it.

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