What a Winter!

It does not get better!

This is school vacation week, so we have been inundated with grandkids throughout the week. It has been awesome.

Turns out, the best sledding hill is our road, leading up to camp. I have had to put traffic comes out, as the kids go flying down the hill and out of sight, around a curve. Our plow guy came and sanded the hill. So I found myself out with the snowblower, putting the snow from the banks, back on the hill, for sledding. Something wrong with this, I think. Paula turned the heated garage into a warming hut, complete with hot chocolate.

Outfitted everyone with snowshoes, and hiked them around in the woods. A new experience.

We had leftovers from taco night, so the kids invented a new pizza on pizza night—- the taco pizza. It was excellent, and is now going on the menu. The kids were a great help, making the pizza, and bringing them down to me, at the pizza oven.

Paula is taking the kids home later this morning, so I will have some solitude here at camp (with four dogs). Will deal with cleaning up and am looking forward to an extended snowshoe later in the day. Will probably head up Lookout Mountain, but will start from the Old golf course in the Hamlet.

Today is also the Brew-Ski fest in Tupper Lake. Interesting concept, but I think I will head into the woods alone, instead of dealing with crowds.

The ice palace is still up and open. The weather has been very cooperative. What a spectacular effort this year.

This is one of my favorite times of year. I have to stop saying that, as I always love it at Loon Lake. Probably my least favorite time— early April, waiting for the snow to melt, dealing with mud, and waiting for the ice to go out. On the Lake. I worry about my dogs getting out on the ice….

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