President’s Day Weekend at Loon Lake

So far, the weather is cooperating.

The snow conditions are great. Lots of snowmobiles on the trail across the lake. Some out on the lake. No ice fishing, yet. Maybe today.

We have a houseful this weekend. Lots of sledding, snowshoeing, and snow block making. Frozen on the TV (continuous). The three basic kid meals: tacos, spaghetti, and pizza. Cookie making.

I wonder if the kids realize that Paula makes the tortillas, makes the bread, spaghetti sauce (we make the sausage), and the pizza.

I got up early to make sure I got some “Me Time”. Went for a sunrise snowshoe. It was 25 degrees, 30 degrees warmer than yesterday. No real sunrise, as it was overcast. I have a well-broken track across from Washbourne Bay, up into the area they just logged. I have traveled it 8 times, so it is well-packed. The round trip takes a about an hour. If you go, when you drop down the hill to a two or three way junction, stop. I was exploring, and those spur trails are short and don’t go anywhere, except to the stream I fell in.

Got home just as others were starting to stir.

Looking forward to a full day of outside fun, followed by making pizza.

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