MLK Jr. Weekend at Loon Lake

Should be a good one.

We have about 5 inches of new snow, on top of a packed snow/ice base. NWS is predicting another 7 inches of snow from Saturday into Sunday. The temperature early Saturday is 8 below, should get up to the 20’s today.

The night sky has been spectacular. Orion is front and center, above our Point.

The fire in the fireplace has been going pretty continuously. Need to split down more wood, later today.

It is too cold for the dogs. They have been making frequent, very short trips outside. They can walk maybe 100 feet before they starting lifting their paws because of the cold.

Looking forward to snowshoeing and cross country skiing later today and tomorrow. I may even fire up the snowmobile and go for a run with it. There has been some activity on the snowmobile trail along the old Railroad ROW across the lake. A couple of ice fisherman have been using sleds out on the lake.

There are still hunters out in the wood. Mostly hunting rabbit. Grouse season is still open– I may head out for a bit on my own, too cold to take Porter.

I see three pizza doughs rising on the kitchen counter– looks like I will be firing up the pizza oven this afternoon.

Lots of activity around Loon Lake– it is a beautiful time of year here.

Keith ADKWhaler

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