Coming Full Circle

I am in the field today, in Herkimer County, just South of the Mohawk Valley. I have been visiting all the parcels involved in the Columbia Solar Center, which I am permitting.

Before I started, I stopped for a quick picnic lunch, next to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville. I used to park here and hunt with friends, back in the early 80’s. Beautiful setting

As I worked my way around the countryside, I came across the Columbia Town Barn. This was convenient, as I am giving a presentation to the Town Board there this evening. As I looked at the Barn, I was struck by a strong sense of Deja Vu– which stayed with me all afternoon.

A little while ago, I stopped to see the Town Clerk, who works out of her home. I just happened to see a “Town Clerk’s Office” sign as I was working my way around the Town. I needed a copy of the Town Zoning Ordinance and they don’t have it posted online, and I have been unable to reach anyone with the Town via phone.

As we were chatting, and I was talking about my past contact with this area, it finally registered with me– My first year out of law school, I did a lot of night court work in the Mohawk Valley. In fact, my first court appearance ever was in the Columbia Town Barn.

I’ll be back in the Barn shortly, 36 years later.

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