Lazy Winter Weekend at Loon Lake

It is about 31 degrees out, with a light fluffy snow coming down. Yesterday it was a bit warmer, causing some snow melt, which subsequently froze overnight. So now in the woods, we have a thick layer of ice, covered with about an inch of snow, with ice on top. Not the best walking conditions. Not enough snow for snowshoes or snowmobiles. We don’t go out without stabilicers on our boots. Our road on the Point is just a sheet of ice.

But Franklin the snowman is back!

Today I engaged my inner geek/nerd self. I have been a Ham Radio operator since I was 14. The Halloween ice storm took out my shortwave antennas. This morning, I strung a backup antenna, and am not listening to the lovely sounds of Morse code on the shortwave radio. This has driven Paula out the the garage shop, where she is tackling a new stained glass project.

No sounds of logging around the lake today. They had been working six days a week, starting at 6 AM. The logging has been extensive, all along the backside of the camps on Route 26, and the backside of the golf course. The woods are much more open.

No sounds of snowmobiles, either, and no ice fisherman on the lake (they were out last weekend).

More camps than usual are occupied, around the lake.

All in all, though, pretty quiet.

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