The Weekend before Christmas, at Loon Lake

It is a Winter Wonderland here. About 5 to 8 inches of snow on the ground. The ground and lake are frozen. Sunny and cold– about 6 degrees. Too cold to take Porter hunting. In fact, the dog forays outside are very quick. Their paws get cold within a couple minutes.

If it warms up I may go for a walk in the woods. Otherwise, will restrict physical activity to chopping firewood. You can never have too much firewood.

Big Game and waterfowl hunting seasons are over– except for muzzleloading (for big game). Grouse season is open through February. Most of the hunting camps are quiet.

Some signs of snowmobiles out on the power line /railroad ROW; although there really is not enough snow cover yet, and the trail has not been groomed.

The logging off the backside of the golf course continues, quite aggressively. Coming to within 75′ of Route 26 in places. Logging equipment has moved over to in front of the dilapidated shed and pump house. I have not walked back up into this area in a couple of weeks– maybe I will, tomorrow.

I just realized again how fortunate I am, as I was thinking about my meals today– Paula’s homemade bagels for breakfast, followed by her homemade chicken vegetable barley soup for lunch. Later, we will make pizza. Life is good.

Happy Holidays to all, from Loon Lake.

Keith “ADKWhaler”

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