Day after Thanksgiving

Paula and I had a great time with the family yesterday. We brought the Turkey over to our Son’s house; he and his wife have taken over hosting.

We headed back to camp early Friday. Paula has gone into Christmas cookie baking mode. I traditionally go out on a grouse hunt, the day after Thanksgiving. The weather cooperated, kinda sunny, thin coating of snow on the ground, about 22 degrees. We managed to flush three, just about simultaneously. I got the last one just after he launched up about 15 feet in front of me. Porter made the retrieve– his second grouse.

It is cleaned and in the freezer– will have it for dinner the next time I am solo here at camp.

Nothing to do now but sit in front of the fire, drink an Anchor Porter and plan where to hunt tomorrow, before we fire up the pizza oven.

Life, is good.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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