Logging from the Defunct Loon Lake Golf Course

I was out walking with the dogs today, when I came across signs of the commencement of an active logging operation off the old golf course. A new access road has been established off Route 26, just south of the northern end of Garden Road. It traverses the edge of one of the old holes on the golf course, passing behind the camp on Route 26 next to the road to “Box of Rocks” camp. It looks like they intend to use the old golf hole as a staging point/log marshaling yard.

If you have read my blog over the years, you know I am a supporter of sustainable logging; if done right, logging can significantly improve the health of a forest to the benefit of the wildlife that lives there. If done wrong; well, it would take decades to recover.

My purpose in posting is just to inform regarding happenings around the lake.

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