Solo at the Lake

Up here solo, for a few days. Well, not really– I do have the dogs with me. Paula needed the kitchen at the other house to be dog free, while she makes a birthday cake for Danny– going to be 2.

Went out grouse hunting this afternoon. Went into a new area for me– a spot recommended by a deer hunter friend of mine, who said he had been tripping over birds there while hunting, last season.

Porter and I flushed three single birds. I saw the first, and heard the next two. They were up in the trees. It was a nice area, cross-crossed with old logging roads.

I swam the dogs this afternoon. I went in, wearing shorts. Temperature was 62. Don’t know how many more times I will be doing that. We could actually see snow by Columbus Day.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. I took my kayak out. The leaves on the surrounding hills and mountains are not quite at peak. No real vibrant reds yet. Not a lot of yellow. I just floated along, looking at the foliage.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I need to rebuild my duck blinds– the season opens in a week. Guess I am going to get wet.

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