Back from Nantucket

And what a week it was– starting with Hurricane Dorian.

Other than a couple of forays in for Portuguese bread, fruit and beer, Paula and I were content to stay out in Madaket. We spent most of our time out on Smith Point, which we had mostly to ourselves. It is wild and beautiful. The point is about a 45 minute walk out, from the last cottage at the end of the road. Jeep’s do drive it, but you need to know what you’re doing. Saw one get super stuck in deep sand.

The fishing was great. A mix of Blues and Stripers, including the largest Striper I have ever caught, and the biggest fish I have caught in 35 years. I am reposting that picture here. It is still the last fish picture I have or will post. For this trip.

We ate well. We are both dieting, so we had planned our food carefully. The best way to avoid temptation is to not have stuff laying around.

Two observations– a couple of Jeep’s stopped as I walked to and from the point, asking if I wanted a ride. I declined– as I like the walk. This has never happened before. Is it an age thing? Or a fisherman to fisherman thing? Also– since when do people call me Sir?

Our last full day, the wind was strong out of the Northeast. Six para- surfers rounded Eel Point, and proceeded to play in Madaket Harbor. One of the guys was leaping 30 feet in the air on his turns. They had started at the Jetties, and had spotted a car next to our camp. It was an awesome sight to see.

We walked around town as we waited for the ferry, our last morning. You may recall that my grandson calls my Boston Whaler “100” because of the 100 hp decal on the motor. I sent him the picture below. He said I need to get him a bigger boat. I took this picture on Nantucket; the boat actually passed our ferry, on the way to Hyannis. It was already leaving Hyannis Harbor as we entered.

We are already planning next year.

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