Surf casting

I am on Nantucket, staying in Madaket, at the far West end of the island. Madaket Harbor is 200 feet out my front door; the ocean, 100 yard out the back. We arrived yesterday, a day late, thanks to the Hurricane.

I was worried the storm would mess up the fishing. Paula and I walked out to Smith Point. It is about a 40 minute walk. I fished the rip, and caught a couple of Stripers. On the way back, we stopped at the old “new ” Smith Point, prior to when Esther Island reconnected. You can still find this spot, especially at low tide, if you know where to look. Caught a couple of Blues here. Nice to know I can still read the water.

There is still some residual impacts from the storm. The rip, where the harbor water meets the ocean water was running strong, with an outgoing tide. there was another guy fishing near me. His wife/girl friend decided to take a swim. When I turned around, she was entering the water at the rip. I screamed at her to get out of the water. She was up to her knees, and the rip was eroding the sand beneath her. She got out, OK. I told her that, on an island surrounded by water, she had picked the most dangerous spot to try and swim. I have seen others pulled into the rip, at that spot. Unbelievable.

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