Labor Day Weekend

A cooler, windy morning, this Saturday. I wore a life vest on my early morning paddle– for two reasons: warmth, and we have Grandkids in residence. Always wear one when they are at camp. ‘ Cause I expect them to wear one, as well.

It does not appear that many of the rental camps were occupied this past week. The lake has been quiet. It does feel like the end of Summer: cooler nights, low humidity, windy, no bugs. And the stars have been spectacular.

This morning I was accompanied by three Loons on my paddle. One stayed with me, most of my way around the lake. It would role onto its back, and peck at is very white belly. Reminded me of my black and white Stabyhouns. I also startled a lone Merganser out of a sound sleep, on one of the swim platforms.

Took this shot of one of my favorite secret places on the lake. Who lived here? When?

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