Timber Tramp

For years, I have admired a small wooden boat, here on Loon Lake. It has a single bench seat, and an inboard motor. It’s name is “Timber Tramp.”

Over the years, I have seen in moored or docked at various locations, around the lake. It is put in early, at times, and taken out late. The last couple of years, it has been docked near the boat launch.

I saw Timber Tramp yesterday, as I was putting ADKWhaler back on the lake, after five weeks of cruising on the Hudson River. Still looking beautiful.

Later it the day, as I was kayaking, I saw a boat down in Molasses Bay with four people fishing. As I looked closer, I saw that it was Timber Tramp.

We have two other wooden boats on the lake. I usually see them, cruising slowly by our camp, late in the afternoon. Actually I hear them before I see them– the motors have a deep, bass rumble, like a Harley motorcycle. Don’t think I have ever seen anyone fish from these cruising wooden boats.

The crew on Timber Tramp were having a great time fishing. I paddled over, and told them how much I liked their boat. Turns out, it was built as a utility boat, in 1941.

I love the utility of my Whaler, and I think it is quite a beauty; but that Timber Tramp…..

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