Summer at Loon Lake

It seems particularly quiet on the Lake, this Summer.  We just wrapped up a beautiful week–  cool nights, warm days, no humidity and few bugs.  Yet there was very little traffic on the Lake.  At most, an occasional motor boat/party barge, and a handful of kayaks.  I am not complaining.

I went trout fishing on a nearby pond– one where DEC stocks each Spring, with 400 trout.  I used a handicap access ramp to put in my canoe.  It had been totally overgrown  by adjoining vegetation– I spent a good 40 minutes cleaning it up and making it truly accessible.

Many trout chased my little Mepps spinner, but no strikes.  I have never seen anyone else on this pond.  The whole time I was on the pond, I was under the watchful eye of a Momma Osprey, tending her young in her nest.  I think the DEC stocking trout is giving her a steady supply of fish.

Driving into Saranac Lake, I glimpsed the Bull Moose that has been lounging in the Saranac River–  Just before Spencer Boatworks.  Quite a site, watching him feed.  This is my fourth Moose sighting up here.  The one I like best was when a Moose swam across Loon Lake.

I was looking out over the lake from the summit of Crusher Mt. when I noticed a very tall, dead tree on Horsehead Point.  It is the tallest tree, all brown needles, surrounded by green.  When I got back on the Point, I easily located the tree– on my property.  In fact, close enough that it could fall on the camp.  I never noticed it from the ground, at camp. Tom Bartiss is coming this week to safely drop it, away from the camp.

August just started, yet I feel that it is  over.  Maybe because the heat wave broke, and it is cooler at night.  I am already thinking about surfcasting on Nantucket this September.  Probably, I think, because I put the racks on the truck to carry the canoe.  I will leave them on to transport the fishing rod to the Island.

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