Summer in full swing at Loon Lake

The weather has simply been fantastic.

The lake has been exceptionally quiet. The most activity seems to be party barges, cruising the lake in the early evening.

We are wrapping up two weeks of visitors, including all eight grandkids; three of whom attended a soccer camp in Lake Placid, last week. The dogs have been ecstatic, with all the kid attention. Found two of them sleeping with kids in their bunks the other night.

We fired up the pizza oven five times over the two weeks. Made 28 pizzas. The grand kids helped me restock the oven wood yesterday.

Yesterday morning, the eleven year old (my eldest grand daughter) accompanied me on my daily early morning hike up Crusher Mountain. I did not want this time with her to end, so we drove down the old railroad ROW, and checked out the Osprey nest, between Grass and Fishhole Ponds. Some years ago, National Grid removed the nest from on top one of its poles, but mounted a nesting platform higher up, so it would not interfere with the wires. This year, the Ospreys have returned, built a nest, and are raising several chicks.

We are spending a lot of time on the water. Swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and tubing. My favorite activity is lazing– I drift in my open kayak, dozing in the sun. I wonder if I will capsize if I actually fall asleep.

I swim across the lake and back every day. I finally bought an orange swim float that I tow behind me. Setting a good example for the grandkids. Should have done this years ago.

The bugs have not been too bad. Black flies are gone. Mosquitoes seem to have dwindled. So the horse flies are the current culprit. The bites itch at first, then hurt. They don’t usually bother me too much, but I find I am reaching for the Caladryl lotion to manage the bites.

This is the busiest time, here at Loon Lake. Yet, it is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Enjoy.

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