A New, Old Song; or an Old, New Song

I was working around camp at Loon lake the other day, listening to Bob Dylan on Pandora.  A song came on, and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  It was beautiful, but I did not know it.  I had never heard it before.  How rare– as I have always listened to music; always listened to Dylan– how could I have missed this?

His voice was the low croon, you would know from Lay, Lady, Lay.  And that captivated me.  But what came next, was unexpected.  He sang the song as a duet.  I heard his partner’s voice and said to myself– that sounds like Johnny Cash! Another distinctive voice that  you cannot mistake.

The song is “Girl from the North Country,” which they recorded in 1969.  What a powerful ballad.  A gem I have missed for 50 years.  It could be written about the Northern Adirondacks.  I have since listened to it a dozen times, and can’t get it out of my head.

They don’t write songs like this anymore.

Give it a listen– Pandora or You Tube.

2 thoughts on “A New, Old Song; or an Old, New Song

  1. I was listening to Johnny Cash in my work shop yesterday on Amazon Music and this song came up! I hadn’t heard it either. It caught my ear as well.


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