Painted Trillium on Crusher Mt.

This morning, Porter and I did a dawn hike up Crusher Mountain, through the drizzle.  We were shrouded in fog the whole way up.  The Loons on the lake kept us company for the entire hike, with their calling.  No view from the summit– Loon Lake was hidden by a layer of fog.

On the way up, I spotted the first painted trillium of the year– on at the bottom, and one on the summit.  What a pretty Spring flower.  On our way down, we spotted painted trillium along the entire hike.  I swear they must have opened while we were on the summit; I had been actively looking for them on the climb up, and only spotted two.

As we made the descent, the fog lifted, and we could see the lake.  And the Loons, who kept up their conversation.

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