Spring at Loon Lake

As I walked the dogs this morning, I heard 4 distinct Loons calling.  One was in Molasses Bay; another over near the end of Mensink; the other two were out on the lake.  It sounded like a resident Loon warding off an interloper.

I splashed the jon boat yesterday and made the run to camp in a fine misty rain.  This boat typically is the first in/last out.  I had the motor serviced at Fogarty’s this week, and it is a joy to use.  I hope to do some fishing today.  I will also pick up the Whaler, but it will be going down to the Hudson River for some Striper fishing.

Yesterday, I did my annual garbage sweep along Route 26/Old Rt. 99, from our camp road to the Loon Lake Trailhead.  I don’t do this to make myself feel good–  it actually makes me quite angry.  I cannot believe people litter– showing such utter disregard for the environment.  Here are my observations from this year:

  • 98% of the beer cars were light beer, all domestic;
  • only 6 glass bottles;
  • the percentage of Stewart’s coffee cups dropped dramatically, compared to previous years.  Only 4.  But, again, all were on the Southern side of the road;
  • the majority of the cans were on the Northern side;
  • I want to meet the lovely person who threw over 50 twisted ice tea cans along the road.  My surmise is it someone working out at the lake, coming over Rt 26 from Duane;
  • My favorite person is the prolific smoker who thought it was a okay to dump their car ashtray in the Loon Lake Mountain trailhead parking lot.  I need to go back with a shovel to pick up this mess.
  • My favorite moment– when I stepped into a ditch, sunk down, and overtopped my boots.  Halfway through the task.

I donate the cans to the Center for Disability Services Clover Patch early childhood education program.  They have a rolling fundraiser– if you return deposit bottles to Hannaford in a special bag, they get the proceeds.  They also get my Anchor Porter bottles.

This is one of my favorite times of year, here at the lake.  You can just fell the potential for Spring just bursting forth.  I may even take the dogs for a short swim today.  I love it when Saske (my fishing buddy dog) realizes the lake is back (ice out), and we are heading out on the jon boat to fish.  She gets more excited than I do.



One thought on “Spring at Loon Lake

  1. Bless you for all your work. I ride my bike up that road all summer and it is amazing how much junk gets tossed. You don’t suppose it is the bears that do it? LOL Keep up the great work and I will do my best to lend a hand. What I find even more disturbing than trash is the moron who girdled the birch trees along Rt 26 for their bark.


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