Rainy Day at the Lake

The Ice is out!  Well, 99% out.  some ice in spots along the Northern shores in the bays, and one floating berg off Horsehead Point.  Some snow, still, deep in the woods.  Walking the dogs takes forever, as they have to stop every two inches, to take in the smells of Spring.

It looks like rain all day today.  I have much to do outside, so I guess I am getting wet.  The jon boat will be cleaned up and primed for launching.  I’ll pick up the Whaler next week, but will probably take it down to the Hudson River for some Striper Fishing.

Water levels are very high.  Won’t try trout fishing in the North Branch of the Saranac just yet.

Looks like we survived  another long Winter at the lake.  A couple of trees down, but no damage.  The back up generator ran about 60 hours.  The road onto the Point is in decent shape.

Looking forward to Spring, and finding the first Trillium.

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