The Season of Melt

It is ugly outside at Loon Lake.  Late March into early April is a tough time for outside activities.  The snow is rotten–  soft and wet.  It cannot support my weight, even on snowshoes.  When the dogs venture into the woods, they end up swimming in it–  and make very short forays off the road.

The roads are not much better.  As the roadside snowbanks recede, the snowmelt runs into the road.  The water on the roadway then freezes overnight.  This has created a solid sheet of ice on our road and in front of camp.  Pockets of slush develop during the day.

It has been windy, which speeds the melting.  The wind no longer feels cold–  it is warm, as is the Sun when it peaks above during the day.

We are lucky– for the most part our soil is sandy, so we don’t get much of a mud season, once the melting season has passed.  This will take several more weeks.  Soon we will start thinking about the ice going out on the lake– but not yet.  Our neighbors across Molasses Bay was out on the ice with their snowmobile yesterday.

This is when I get cabin fever.  I am ready for the snow to be gone.  Which means we are due for another big storm, like last year’s end of April blockbuster.

Earlier this week, I stopped by Specialty Woods in Bloomingdale to shovel up wood shavings.  I am going out today to replace the bedding in the Wood Duck boxes I put up on several of the ponds surrounding Loon Lake.   Ollie Burgess at Specialty Woods graciously donated the wood used to make the houses, and continues to support this project.

Monday is opening day of Trout Season.  I have never had much luck on opening day, but I will be fishing–  another excuse to play hooky.  Meeting up with an old friend from NYSDEC to some time on a couple of trout streams.

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