St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I love a parade. Especially this one. Fire engines and bagpipes. I haven’t been to Albany’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in 40 years. Luckily, I have a 5 year old grandson who also likes fire engines.

If the parade had been Friday, it would have been a bluebird day– Sunny and 70 degrees. Saturday was more typical parade weather– windy, cloudy, 38 degrees, and spitting light fluffy snowflakes. Perfect.

As Paula and I drove down to Albany, we discovered that we had been at a lot of the same bars, at the same time, in Albany on St. Patrick’s Day, while in college. The Grinch, O’Heaney’s, and the Partridge Pub. Before we knew each other. But many shared experiences. She was at St. Rose, I was at UAlbany.

We had had my daughter’s kids overnight on Friday, and I suggest that we all head down to the parade on Saturday. We walked up State Street, and commandeered a spot in front of the Capitol (I originally wrote “Capitol Building” but recently learned from Benjamin Dreyer that was redundant).

The crowd was interesting. The parade fantastic. Four bagpipe bands. More fire engines than I could count. Lots of sirens.

As we left, Paula and I debated heading into a bar. The Grinch is long gone. We opted instead to head home.

Today, all eight grandkids are over for dinner. We are 18 for dinner. We have prepared five corned beefs. Paula made two cakes (the kids’ cake does not have Guinness Stout or Bailey’s Irish Cream). A case of Anchor Porter is on ice. Paula made beer pretzels and a Guinness Stout cheese dip.

One of my favorite family gatherings.


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